Medusa: The Immortal Jellyfish debut performances

"I was completely charmed by the contradiction between the borderline ridiculous DIY aspect of what was happening at the aquarium with what was revealed on the big screen and how epic it was. In your case technology elevated the storytelling. I saw exactly how you did it and it was still magical."  -- Peter Davis

We had two sets of performances over the past two weeks -- six shows in all!  The first two were at the  Puppet Slamwich at the Black Cherry Puppet Theater in Baltimore, which is a fantastic event, coordinated by the AMAZING Valeska Populoh.  There are always great audiences and an amazing variety of performances from the Baltimore region and increasingly from other cities.  Everything from stand-up puppet comics, to old fashioned scrolling "crankies," to overhead projector shadow puppets, and more.  We did two performances in one night (tricky considering we had to fill and bail out the aquarium twice! in a matter of minutes!).  It couldn't have been a more exciting and fun spot to debut our show,

And then we showed four times for QuestFest Visual Theatre Fest at the Theatre Project in Baltimore, in a performance along with Los Angeles-based animator/performer Miwa Matreyek. We were able to try out some new things in front of these audiences (including a pink swim cap!) and these tweaks helped our piece get stronger each time. We included the text of the poem by Sam Saper in the program, so people could read it as they waited for the show to start, and that set the stage very well. We got some great feedback, and the Jellyfish Wranglers and I had a great time.