In courses and workshops, I design project-based learning opportunities, particularly work that involves community outreach. As a working artist and teacher,  I often collaborate with my students and colleagues. Just as in the sciences, students participate in faculty research as a vital part of their learning experience, in the arts students can become engaged in faculty-led creative projects. 

Find student work examples here on Vimeo.

Find more student work examples on YouTube.

Visual Effects I Students at Towson, student works-in-process on Tumblr. 

Examples of Cornell Summer Animation Workshop Projects on YouTube

Below are selected video examples of collaborative class projects from college courses and other workshops, along with tutorials I have made.

These examples are from introductory level courses in digital media and animation.

The blend tool in Maya is a great way to make a slider you can use to metamorphose your model from one shape to another.  Here I use it for lip sync and eye blinks.

A MICA student project made in one of my Character Animation courses.  Looking at the film Revolver and early 1920's animation as guides, students designed complex cycles.  We used a surrealist method of a random word generator to come up with two specific nouns (chicken and rubbish) and a concept (gravity).  All students had to use two of these in their solution.  Students all designed ideas for a main character, and we voted - selecting the alligator with bow-tie as the main subject of the film.  Complex cycles have a repeated action with an accent that adds interest.

Collaborative stop-motion exercise, Cornell Summer 2011

A class assignment from my 2004 Summer Animation Workshop at Cornell University. Literally self-explanatory! 

Object animation made by the Cornell Summer Session Animation class FILM 3250.

Using audio from an old radio show called "The Strange Dr. Weird," thanks to,  MICA students in 2-D Character Animation created lip-sync animation projects, playing with the over-the-top voice recording.